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Nettie Reeves has been a fitness force for the past 20 years. Starting out in Louisville, KY and catapulting her branded FUNky Fit to the Charlotte, NC area, Nettie was a pioneer. Running her classes and training like a true business, she created the model that is currently widespread in the fitness industry today. Never being just a “fitness instructor,” Nettie was determined to change the lives of those whom she encountered – embracing their whole being. This is what brought her to the realization that not only do humans need fitness, but we also need someone to care about their whole being; mentally, physically and spiritually. That’s when she decided to become a health, nutrition and life coach. Going through her own struggles while consistently helping others, Nettie decided to be transparent in her newest book entitled, Through THICK and Thin and Thick Again, which heralds as a memoir and manual that seeks to help identify, quantify and heal from emotional eating and binge eating disorder. Her mantra is “The mind, not the mirror, is the judge.” Nettie loves to laugh, sing, move and dance. She also likes to listen, meditate and think. “Balance is the key to living a healthy, strong, vibrant and loving life. I just love living and helping others feel alive!”

The Mind, Not The Mirror, Is The Judge.

– Nettie Reeves


Upcoming Events.

September 29, 2018

Nettie and Team planned long time Funkateer, Merna James’, 80th Birthday Party(Invitation only)

October 13-18, 2018

Fit-n-Free Vacation to Aruba

October 24, 2018

Speaker, Heart of a Woman Conference

November 9-11, 2018

Renfrew Conference Speaker

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I lead the fitness industry when it comes to helping people reach their life goals. I have FUNky Fit classes, health and nutrition one on one and group coaching courses, personal and group fitness training, and more!

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