Choosing The Trainer For You

Jun. 16 2016

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Need a Fitness Trainer? Most of us do whether or not we care to admit it. So in an effort to have a good experience the first time, here are some considerations that I suggest you ponder.

Having been a trainer for over 18 years, I have trained thousands of people, mostly women, from Charlotte to Afghanistan. I’ve trained in individual’s homes, outside in the parks, in parking lots, via SKYPE and various other places including my personal studio. I’ve been able to see major changes in my clients; physically, mentally and spiritually. The wonderful thing about training is that my client and I mutually benefit from the connection. To make sure you’re choosing the right one for you, take into consideration these tips;

Determine if a particular gender is a better fit for you. I prefer a female trainer because I know that she knows what I’m going through. She can relate if I’m having a “female” moment. Or perhaps you prefer a male because, well, you just prefer a male. Either way, once you make that determination, seek out ones that appeal to your gut. Start by looking on their social media accounts. Do they have lots of likes? What do their Yelp evaluations say? Then check out their websites. Is he/she certified? Are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau? After all, their business should be conducted as such. Call the ones that appeal to you and arrange a consultation. Some consults cost. Others are free. Back in the day, I charged for a consultation. But today, due to the competitive nature of the business, my consultations are free. If the trainer doesn’t offer to sit and speak with you prior to working out with you, don’t walk. Run! The consultation will give you and the trainer an idea if you are a good fit for one another. It should include information that tells you what you can expect, what the trainer’s expectations are of you, how their program works, what it cost, options, etc. Ask questions like, “Can you show me the facility where we will be working? What kind of experience you do have working with (whatever your goals or disabilities are)? What happens is I miss a day?” Keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. It may be better for your wallet, but in the long run can cost you your joints. All trainers are not good trainers. And just because you found a Groupon doesn’t mean that it’s the right fit for you. If you truly want to train with a reputable trainer, you may have to forgo your nails or hair for a few months. It depends on where your head is. But it will truly be worth it.

Once you’ve chosen a “great” trainer, here is some key ideas to keep in mind:

Your trainer and you are partners. Its similar to when you have a health issue and go to the doctor. The doctor prescribes medication or a remedy and gives you instructions on what to do in order to get better. It’s then up to you to take the medication, rest, and perform other instructions as prescribed. If he/she could wave a wand and make you all better, they would. The same goes with a personal trainer. If I could be a jeanie in a bottle, I would zap you into whatever shape you wish. However, it will take work on your part to be your best physical self. Make up your mind to give it your all. The best way to concentrate on this is to remain focused on the health aspect of fitness. When you’re inundated about the scale or what you look like in the mirror, the results may become temporary. However, if you focus on being healthy and making it a lifestyle, the new habits just may stick with you forever. As a trainer, that’s my ultimate goal for all of my clients.

In a nutshell, remember; “The mind, not the mirror, is the judge.” Choose health over disease, feelings over fashion; motivate yourself by choosing to be strong and know yourself in order to choose the right trainer for you!

Nettie Reeves, CPT, CHC, CFA @nettiereeves (704) 334-4848

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