Financial Health

N’shape with’N, LLC understands that financial fitness plays a pivotal role in overall health. A fit body and fit finances equals one who is in good overall shape. As well, there is a direct relationship between financial problems and stress levels. Therefore, N’shape with’N, LLC in partnership with JP Financial Group, LLC work to help our clients balance both worlds successfully. Below are a few financial services offered here at N’shape with’N.




Free financial assessment

~Safety comes first

When working with client’s assets, we never risk your principal or any gains.

~ Reasonable Rate of Return

Our products offer a reasonable rate of return. Tax deferred interest credited to your account can make a significant impact on your savings.

~Easy to Understand

We present easy to understand concepts and solutions for our clients.

“When it comes to advising women about finances, we believe it’s a different conversation. We recognize and take seriously the difference between the genders when it comes to financial decisions. Women live longer and are more likely to live alone for significant periods of time as widows and divorcees. Women’s workplace participation is often intermittent, and the care of dependents usually falls to them. Although women are better educated, and hold more managerial, executive, and professional positions than ever before, they still often lack confidence when it comes to finances.” -JP Financial Group