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Welcome to N’shape with’N, LLC, where FUNky Fit reigns. In existence for over 17 years, FUNky Fit has proven to stand the test of time. That’s because we know that funk will never die. As a matter of fact, it’s stronger now than ever! Ever wonder where all the good ole’ music went with the dance steps that you could actually do? Well, they are alive and well in FUNky Fit classes. And it is you, our FUNKMASTERS who bring it alive and colorful for our FUNKATEERS each and every day.
If you are not currently an instructor, we encourage you to jump on the FUNK train and tear the roof off the mother! When you become a FUNKMASTER, you will have access to the over 400 choreographed routines, support and tools to make you successful. You will also have the admiration and respect from those FUNKATEERS who value your contribution to good health and fitness.

** If you would like to access N’shape with’N General Video Subscription, and/or view your instructor’s class schedule please register as a FUNKATEER

** Instructors should register as FUNKMASTERS in order to access Instructor Videos


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