Nettie, I just wanted to check in and say hello.  I am still working on my weight/health/fitness and I just wanted to thank you for getting me started again.  I am now down 23 lbs but I got the best news today!  I had my annual physical last week and was really wanting to lower my blood sugar from the last visit that I had.  My last A1C was elevated at 7.8!  When I reviewed my results today it had gone all the way down to 6.8!!!  I am so excited with that result and it motivates me to keep moving and keep watching my food intake. You’re guidance has been a blessing now just as it was years ago when I first found Funky Fit. I simple love you Nettie and wish you all the best. Keep me in your prayers as I will you.

Anita Word

Thank you Nettie! I knew this session was going to be an emotional one. You are exactly what I need right now. I thank you for listening and all the guidance and wisdom you have bestowed upon me. I am growing! Like a rose out of concrete. Hmm, I should make that a tattoo. The program gave me a better way to look at food/nutrition, exercise/movement and my own capabilities. As aspects combined made the program AWESOME!!  —  I Love You Always!!