Nettie Reeves is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a grandmother. She became a Health Coach to fulfill her desire to work with women to improve their health and self-esteem. Nettie received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she received in-depth training in nutrition, health and wellness, coaching skills, and business development. Nettie leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual and group health and nutrition coaching to women of all ages.


No one diet works for everyone.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. I work with my clients to help them create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of denial and discipline. By working together, we can discover the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health goals.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy, and excitement every day.

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on improving their health with a trained professional. Join me for a one-hour health consultation to discuss your unique situation and determine how I can help you reach your personal goals. I am here to create a supportive environment while exploring what really works for you.

Have you been wanting to:

• Improve your eating habits?
• understand your body better?
• make self-care a priority in your life?
• feel confident in choosing and preparing
• experience an increase in overall happiness in your life?


Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we’ll explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

During the course of the program, you will:

• Set and accomplish goals
• Explore new foods
• Understand and reduce cravings
• Increase energy
• Feel better in your body
• Improve personal relationships

Your program includes:

• Two personal one-hour sessions per month
• Group seminars and classes covering a variety of health-related topics
• Email support between sessions
• Handouts and other materials
• Food samples and self-care products
• Monthly newsletter


Find out by scheduling a FREE 1hr Health Consultation

STOP Binging & START Living!

8 Week Health & Nutrition Guided Group Course

This Nettie Reeves led guided group course gives you freedom from binge eating, emotional eating, and a fluctuating scale – changing the way you think about, look at, and feel about food. Learn how your connection with food causes you to eat and how to make the changes needed to lose it and keep it off.

Are you tired of the all the weight loss gimmicks out here? From Facebook to television, every where you turn there seems to be yet another one touting how much weight you can lose just by sitting! As you know, there’s never progress without work. So if you’re ready to truly understand what may be going on with you body; hormonal imbalance, cravings, inability to lose weight, hot flashes, etc., this just may be the program for you. Yes, our clients have been tremendously successful but that’s because they put in the time to learn and understand their bodies. Is it your time? Don’t put it off any longer. Contact Nettie here. Contact Me Today!

When was the last time you took the time to learn about you?

Are you struggling through peri and/or post menopause, can’t get rid of the midsection, having hot flashes and mood swings? Have you practically given up on getting the weight off and feeling good again? Before you throw in the towel, consider how others have felt about this eight week program.

Participants have said:

“This is the best thing I ever could have done for myself.”

“Wow! You would have never thought about these things that you are teaching us. I love it!”

“I feel so good! Thank you for saving my life, Nettie.”

And here’s what just one of my clients had to say just 2 weeks in:

“I’m at 209 WHOOP,WHOOP!!!!!!! I notice I’ve lost a lot of inches as well. I’m so excited right
now!!! Thank you again for helping me get on the right track with my weight lost journey! I love
you boo!”

J. Evans

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2, Thank you so much Nettie.”

Chon ChaseLost 20 pounds and 2 1/2 dress sizes in the first 8 weeks

“Give me just 8 weeks of your life and your life will be forever changed!” I know because I developed the program originally for myself. After many struggles with weight and disordered eating which caused low self-esteem, I knew I had to do something to save myself and the many other women (and men) who struggle with food.”

8 Week Body and Mind Transformation!

How does it work?

Clients lose up to 25 pounds of stubborn fat in just 8 weeks done through live weekly webinars allowing you to participate (ask questions, make comments, etc.) real time in the comfort of your home via your cell phone or computer. All participants are anonymous. This is not a diet either. Nettie’s ability to have you look at your whole person; defeating your weaknesses and enhancing your strengths will have you seeing who you are through a different set of lenses.

And then what?

Not to worry. You will not be out there hanging once you’ve completed any of Nettie’s health coaching programs. Statistics prove that with ongoing support, weight loss is more likely to be sustained. Therefore, you will be invited to join our secret Facebook page designed for former health coaching clients only. There we engage, share, inspire and encourage, keeping your weight loss exciting and your sexy on top!

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