Nettie’s First Book Released December 1, 2016: Through THICK and Thin and Thick Again

Nov. 16 2016

Nettie has written her first book entitled Through THICK and Thin and Thick Again, A Black Woman’s Journey with BED (binge-eating disorder).

It’s a poignant memoir about her life growing up around food and how it eventually took hold over her life. She discusses how the pressures to remain thin became her nemesis.

Dr. Mel Lewis said, “Nettie’s  brutally honest and transparent account of her experiences will awaken a needed conversation that often resides deep in the shadows of African American communities.”

Angela states, “I would like to thank Nettie for her candor, sincerity and willingness to share her compelling and heartfelt story. While I don’t currently suffer from BED, I do have a love/hate relationship with food. After having children, my weight was on a roller coaster ride. When it was down, my mood was up, and when my weight was up, my mood was down. However, after reading Nettie’s book, I have learned  not only to embrace and appreciate my curves, but to like them as well. When I walk into a room now, you can no longer anticipate my mood based on my size. I am grateful to Nettie for shedding light to this problem and for helping others learn to love themselves. Within the pages she shows us firsthand how to overcome this struggle with food and how to have a more harmonious and balanced life.”

Nettie wishes to lift the veil and stigma attached to eating disorders which are currently considered to be a “young white girl” illness. She is working to start a much needed conversation around African American women and BED. So get your copy through Amazon,, or ThroughThickandThin.Club. You may also order via Kindle.

Start a Thick and Thin Book Club with 8 or more and Nettie will come read, discuss and sign your books. Want to know how to start or join a club? Contact or call (704) 334-4848


2 responses to “Nettie’s First Book Released December 1, 2016: Through THICK and Thin and Thick Again”

  1. Janice Oates says:

    What a blessing!!
    Congratulations Nettie!

  2. Angela Burns says:

    Congratulations Nettie.💜 This is a well needed instrument for the community, and worldwide. You are absolutely amazing, and so very helpful in your field of health, fitness and wellness! It is vital for all of us to feel, and be comfortable in our own skin. Your motto “The Mind…not the mirror is the judge” totally addresses how we must always look within for the answers of which we seek. Your book is very important, and exactly what we need at this point in time. Thank you for writing it!

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